We greatly pride ourselves in our hands-on approach with every project we contract. Our small-business model allows us to stay nimble in our field and save you costs by cutting out the middle-men! When you work with us, you actually get to work with us – even on your more involved projects that many smaller contractors are not able to take on. We have the resources to complete your projects with the efficiency and professionalism you’d expect from a larger company, while always maintaining the same direct-contact and open communication our clients have come to expect from us.

Beyond our specialties, listed below, we have experience with land-clearing and recovery, agricultural and luxury property management, whole-home renovations, additions, and much more! Don’t hesitate to get in touch even if your project is not listed… we will let you know right away if your project is something we do not handle, and will provide you with referrals to trusted contractors that would be happy to work with you!

Our specialties include: *kitchen & bath remodels; *door & window replacement; *outdoor lifestyles; *sale/listing prep & trash-outs.

Kitchen & Bath Remodels. With 1-1 design & layout services including 3-D renderings and an endless selection of cabinet styles & finishes, we work with you on your design which ensures we have a solid understanding of your vision before it comes to life. Clients looking for an elevated level of service or to complete a true renovation, we match you with an interior designer and/or architect in order to take away the stress and guess-work out of the equation.

Door & Window Replacement. Whether you’re seeking an affordable quality upgrade or high-end, custom doors and/or windows, we’ve got you covered. We take our own measurements and are hands-on in every step of your project, from measurements to installation and trim. For our clients looking for custom finishes, we work directly with manufacturers or fabricators to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

Outdoor Lifestyles – Transformations. One of our all-time favorites. We truly enjoy the creativity that abounds when it comes to backyard transformations and exceeding our clients’ expectations in this area. Whether your outdoor living space includes a kitchen and firepit, a beautiful deck with built in seating and arbor, or a custom, natural-looking koi pond and waterfall, or all of it… we have the experience to make your backyard dreams come to life! For our koi ponds, we source natural materials from a variety of vendors to ensure your pond is one-of-a-kind and a true statement in your outdoor living space! We guide you through the care and maintenance your pond will require, and are always available to service your pond too.

Outdoor Lifestyles – Fences. You name it, we’ll build it! We are experienced in constructing traditional wood fences to decorative fences and farm fencing, whether you need no-climb for your animals or deer fencing for your garden.

Outdoor Lifestyles – Decks. We have extensive experience building decks, whether your deck needs to be repaired, reconstructed, or created from scratch – we offer redwood, Trex®, teak, and more! Arbors can turn any simple deck or yard into a unique outdoor space, and we enjoy working directly with our clients to design custom arbors.

Outdoor Lifestyles – Gardens. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful, sturdy garden beds for our clients… whether you are just looking for a few raised beds filled with high-quality soil or a true oasis, we’ve got you covered! For those not looking to kill their backs or live on their knees, we offer custom garden tables to keep you on your feet. (These tables also ensure excellent drainage!) Looking for an edible oasis? We’ll work directly with you on your yard design and plant choices – from citruses to stonefruit! We offer gardening guides custom-tailored for your space and to your taste to help with keeping your soil fresh and choosing the right plants, along with recommendations for pest solutions while keeping it all organic!

Listing Prep. With our first-hand knowledge of the sometimes frantic-feeling real estate world, we understand what Realtors® and homeowners alike are looking for when it comes to prepping your home for sale or completing repairs during an active escrow. We offer services for odd-jobs like knob replacement or touch-ups to providing section 1 clearance to make your home marketable to a larger buyer pool. **We also offer quick-turnaround contractor reports for specific projects for buyers and sellers!

Trash Outs. AKA dump runs! We are always happy to provide full trash-out services, where we load and dump or simple dump-run-only services, where we drop our 14-ft trailer at your property for you to load. *This has proven a wonderful, economical service when a few neighbors get together to share a dump run!

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